So, yeah, right now I don’t have a job. It’s really hard to work in the field of media. Stability is not a word there. You always have to look for projects to work on but when certain project has ended, it could also be your end if you’re not able to look for another opportunity. And yes, I failed to look for another opportunity in the media realm because I was so busy being busy to the point that I forgot where I am standing in this vast world. But it’s my passion. I love everything in the magical world of media. Writing, photography, videography, shooting, talking to people, being creative and analytic at the same time, also travelling; it really is a part of the job.

I’m treating this one as a “staycation”. I don’t have the right to spend my last salaries going out or buying things that I want because I have to live frugally as an ordinary citizen without job. The best thing to do is just to stay at home and be productive there. It’s the reason why I’m writing this article right now. So let’s get to the point this time, if we have the same case or if you just have ample time and you don’t know where to spend it, just read on. After reading this write-up and following it obediently, you can definitely say that you have a time well-spent.

  1. Look for a job. Of course it should really be the priority. But search for a job that you really love not just the one you like. “Like” and “Love” is different like in the romantic relationship. If you just like it, you want only the things that you like about it and you don’t accept the ones that you don’t want. But when you love a job, you accept it in its entirety, both the negatives and the positives. You’re willing to sacrifice and enjoy at the same time. Don’t be pressured just because you can’t find it, you have to be persistent and don’t let the pressure eat you because it will just ruin you big time.
  2. It’s the perfect time for you to finally turn your idea into reality. Maybe once in your life you’ve thought about doing or creating something. Like in my case, after graduating in college I always think of doing a documentary photography project which I was never able to do because of time constraints that my career dictates me. But now that I have time to do it, I’m already on my polishing stage to finally make it right away. Aside from this, I’m also producing scripts and creative literary articles, plus learning more about this field. Doing these things, I’m certain that it will prepare me for future works that I’m about to do when I start working again.
  3. Just relax and appreciate the things that you chose not to see when you were busy working. In concentrating to your job maybe you forgot how your house really looked like and never saw the small details that can play a big part in you. Maybe a graduation photo or your diploma which reminds you of how great you are and how you enjoyed your college life. Simple things like these make you relax better. It will also help you look back to the past and be amazed of what you have become at present. Thus, it will give you a great push to be excited and have an improved version of you in the future.
  4. Share a good laugh and deep talks with your family members. It doesn’t necessarily mean to have a heart-to-heart talk, though it’s really better. Sometimes people tend to be eaten-up by the system of just simply talking to one another like the “hi-hello”, “good day-goodnight”, etc; especially there are social media sites. But let’s go back to the basic one, why not share a story with your mom or dad or let them share a story to you. And this one can start a really deep talks and good laughs. For this you are able to understand one another even better.
  5. Reflect on the past. Assess yourself. When we have so much time, we’re able to think deeply without pressures or any inhibitions. The thoughts are all free-flowing as if they are prisoners inside your brain waiting to be remembered by you to finally be free. This reflection of the past will also be really useful when you think of the mistakes that you have done. What are those mistakes and what did you learn after committing those errors in life. These lessons from the past can effectively fuel your present and future for a better game plan.
  6. Live at the present. When we are so busy with our day-to-day lives, we forget to animate at the moment. To sentient at the present we have to pause and feel the exact time of our being. We have to be thankful for that particular minute and feel the blessings that we receive. For sure we’re always eyeing for something. There is always a goal to keep us moving from one step of the ladder to another. But have we already owned the moment of attaining our goal? No matter how small or big it is, as long as it is already there, enjoy it while the moment is hot before venturing to the next one or even worrying for the upcoming.
  7. Plan on the future. This is what we always think about. It consists of the goals, plans, next moves, etc. However, how often we think of it will not result to a great effect if we plan without proper methods. And the good technique is reflecting on the past and living at the present first before venturing into planning on the future. Doing this will certainly end to a noble outcome because you matched the power of yesterday (mistakes and realizations) and today (reward to enjoy the momentum) into creating a successful tomorrow (the next big thing).

I was so busy on the past months and I think having no job right now has its silver lining after all. Instead of being a crybaby for having not enough means to supply you in paying the bills, why not just be optimistic first and make all of these as an opportunity to grow more and develop better?

They say that everything happens for a reason; maybe you’ve got enough time to pass because something indeed remarkable within you is waiting to be cultivated right now. AS IN RIGHT NOW.



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